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Thinking Here and Now –

Conversation  with Innovators in Psychotherapy (zoom)

Aner Govrin and Sharon Ziv-Beiman hosting

A conversation with:
Arthur Neilsen

Integrative Couples Therapy

A conversation with:
Arthur Neilsen

September 10, 2023 , 7:30-9:15 PM Israel Time (UTC+2)

Couple therapy models emerged from various theoretical traditions, each anchored in its own development time. But it now features a distinct set of prominent approaches. Arthur Nielsen drawing 40-plus years of experience argues that integrating therapeutic approaches and crossing the boundaries of therapy schools can be very useful in working with couples. He describes the three main approaches to conceptualizing couple distress and treatment―systemic, psychodynamic, and behavioral―and shows how they can be integrated into a model that draws on the best of each of them.

In this conversation, Arthur Nielsen will discuss with Aner Govrin and Sharon Ziv-Beiman his model of Sequencing and Integrating Systemic, Psychodynamic, and Behavioral Approaches in Couple Therapy.

We will discuss:

What are the basics of couple therapy?

What are the most useful components of Systemic, Psychodynamic, and Behavioral Approaches for couple therapy?

How do you suggest integrating the core approaches? What are the advantages of integrating?

Demonstration of clinical work based on integrating the three core approaches to couple therapy?

How to encourage couples to talk to each other and not their therapist?

How to assert control and manage the emotional room temperature?

How to cool things up when the interaction becomes explosive?

How to identify and change the pathological dance?

Arthur Nielsen, M.D. is a full-time practicing psychiatrist, psychoanalyst and couple therapist in Chicago, Illinois. He is a Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at Northwestern’s Feinberg School of Medicine, a faculty member at Northwestern's Family Institute in Evanston, and a faculty member of the Chicago Institute for Psychoanalysis where he is Associate Director of the Integrative Psychoanalytic Couple Therapy Program.

For many years and until recently, he was the coordinator of a popular for-credit course he developed for Northwestern undergraduates, “Marriage 101: Building Loving and Lasting Relationships.” In recent years, he has lectured nationally and internationally, and has taught courses on couple therapy to students in Iran and China.

He is the author of more than 40 published professional papers in the fields of psychiatry, psychoanalysis, and couple therapy, together with two textbooks, A Roadmap for Couple Therapy: Integrating Systemic, Psychodynamic, and Behavioral Approaches and Integrative Couple Therapy in Action: A Practical Guide for Handling Common Relationship Problems and Crises.

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