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Conversations with authors

Edited by Aner Govrin and Sharon Ziv-Beiman

Conversations with
Robert Hinshelwood and Jan Abram

The Clinical Paradigms of Melanie Klein and Donald Winnicott

Conversations with
Robert Hinshelwood and Jan Abram

21 April, 2021,7:30 pm– 9:00 Jerusalem Time (GMT+2)

The Clinical Paradigms of Melanie Klein and Donald Winnicott: Comparisons and Dialogues seeks to introduce the distinctive psychoanalytic basic principles of both Klein and Winnicott, to compare and contrast how their concepts evolved, and to show how their different approaches contribute to distinctive psychoanalytic paradigms. The aim is twofold – to introduce and to prompt research.

The book consists of five main parts each with two chapters, one each by Abram and Hinshelwood, that describe the views of Klein and Winnicott on five chosen issues:

•  Basic principles

•  Early psychic development

•  The role of the external object

•  The psychoanalytic concept of psychic pain

•  Practice and Theory

Each of the five parts concludes with a dialogue between the authors on the topic of the part.

Jan Abram and Bob Hinshelwood together with Aner Govrin and Sharon Ziv Beiman, will engage in a live dialogue on the similarities and differences between Klein and Winnicott on topics such as mental development, the place of external reality in the baby's life, hate and aggression, mental health and pathology and the aims of the psychoanalytic technique.

From the book:

Bob: From the very beginning, maybe within moments of birth, a baby finds in itself the desperate means to “scream blue murder”, as we call it. The early onset of this state of mind speaks to me of a biological origin…. It directly grabs the maternal aspects of all of us. Is it an achievement? Already? Or, is Winnicott’s “hate” not that state of mind filled with fury and destructiveness that I describe? Most mothers would agree with me, I believe, that hate exists at moments from the beginning.

Jan: I do not think it possible that newborn infants are, to quote you, “seething with murder in their hearts”. And I do not think it is because I am squeamish about this idea!

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