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Emotion Regulation Skills Module

Basma Kilani, M.A.

על הסדנה

This introduction to DBT Emotion Regulation Skills in Arabic gives participants an idea of how to name, identify emotions, the goals of emotion regulation, and an overview of the contents of the Emotion Regulation Skills Module.

על המרצים

Basma Kilani, M.A., is a DBT-LBC Certified Clinician from Amman, Jordan where she is Founder & Chief Specialist at the Maria Den Braven Mental Health Center. She is a co- founder and the Managing Director of DBT-MENA, a BTECH affiliate. Basma is the Behavioral Tech/ Linehan Institute Ambassador in Jordan. Basma is a Trainer in Training in the BTECH training team. Basma has a published Master’s dissertation on the prevalence of eating disorders amongst young adults in Jordan. Basma’s PhD research under Michaela Swales’ supervision is on the association between adverse childhood experiences and non-suicidal self-Injury (NSSI) mediated by shame as well the implementation of DBT skills training in Jordan.

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